• Juggul helps schools and teams

    manage and grow successful

    youth programs.

Keeping extracurricular programs functioning well, much less thriving, is no easy feat, especially amidst nationwide budget cuts that seem to hit these critical programs first. Through YOU, Juggul technology supports the many elements and individuals that keep these programs running.


And better yet, we help you DRIVE THEM FORWARD.

Juggul’s suite of products and services is unique to the marketplace.

In order to offer the most effective overall solutions, we had to create core software that was fluid, easy to use, and effective. And it had to create a foundation on which we could add innovative partner technology to bring best-in-class solutions to customers seamlessly through our software.

The consistently enhanced Scheduling tool, the Athletic Websites with Individual Team Pages with a management dashboard for administrators and coaches to publish content, and our premier Online Activity Registration + Roster Management for schools and teams work together as a powerful foundation.

A winning software foundation opens endless possibilities for our customers.

Equipment management, mobile-optimized HIPAA compliant injury management, apparel and branding solutions, integrated fundraising technology, high royalty advertising/sponsorship programs, online school stores that raise funds and school spirit…ADs and staff handle hundreds of tasks daily.

Why shouldn’t your software support you across the board?

We’re here for that >



Built by ADs…For ADs

Founded by athletic directors in 1994, Juggul began as Athletics2000, scheduling software for high school athletics: the original AD scheduler. But over the years, working with numerous school administrators, coaches, parents, and kids, our model and mission expanded and changed. We saw a need to meet the growing demand for modern, comprehensive technology and support for extracurriculars.

The Need: Easy, Modern, Effective Technology For Our Schools.

We became 8to18 in 2009 and in the summer of 2016, we became Juggul. Throughout our history, superior service and support consistently drove decisions and growth. With athletic administrators on staff, in-house developers, and a responsive, superior support team, we grew primarily through the referrals from our happy customer base.

Our Advisory Board of current customers helps drive Juggul innovation.

Personal Attention

Our staff loves working with schools and teams. And it’s easy to see that if you call the office – admins, coaches, parents, even kids call the office daily and…we pick up the phone! A novel idea these days. You might reach Virginia, a retired athletic secretary and resident expert on our scheduling and content management programs. Or speak directly with Kim, our COO who can’t resist helping customers directly with Online Registration in particular, despite her title and numerous responsibilities.
The strong, productive relationships we’ve fostered with hundreds of schools is a testament to our passion for helping our customers (and their communities) juggul the many responsibilities that allow kids to take advantage of meaningful extracurricular opportunities.

Meet The Team

Abigail Emerson
Partner Programs and Communication
As a former collegiate athlete, coach and teacher, I have such an appreciation for what our schools’ athletic offices provide our kids and school communities. Connecting these critical programs with innovation and powerful partner solutions is an absolute joy. No one can understand the challenges these administrators face daily, but by servicing ADs for 20 years, we come as close as a software company can and I’m very proud to be a part of that.
Gary Graefen
Advertising and Sponsorship
Roger Wang
Engineering and Technology
Fleming Au
Technology Product/Project Management