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Sports Admin Injury Tracking

Youth sports organizations use the Player’s Health mobile platform to assure no athlete returns to play without receiving the proper medical care. Proper medical care starts with a complete picture of a child’s medical background.

Player's Health Record

One platform, one wellness summary for each youth athlete. With Player’s Health, one click provides a snapshot of an athlete’s medical conditions and injuries.

Parent-Focused Mobile Apps

We believe the parent, not the coach, should determine when their child is fit to play. With Player’s Health, parents are empowered to actively manage their child’s medical conditions.

Real-Time Notifications

With Player’s Health, no injury goes undocumented or untreated. The instant an injury is documented, a real-time notification is sent to the parent or guardian assuring that the proper steps can then be taken to return the athlete to play.

Sports Injury and Health Management

By utilizing Player’s Health at the league or association level, an organization can easily track the health and wellbeing of an entire organization with one simple platform.

“I registered online tonight. It was extremely easy and had zero problems. Everything was very easy to manage. I shared the link on Facebook and Twitter – Needless to say, I’m extremely excited and pleased with the simplicity of the whole system!!”

Sandy Landvick - Wauconda Booster Club

Instant Athlete Injury Reports.

The moment an injury occurs document it. Doctors, trainers, and parents will be notified of an injury on or off the field and have the ability to give advice for treatment through real time notifications

  • Injury Management

    Athletic organizations can have peace of mind knowing that no injured athlete will return to play without the caregiver’s consent.

  • Compliance

    All compliance can now be managed through the Player’s Health platform. It is easy as a caregiver uploading a completed physical form to the Player’s Health AHR. Administrators can view compliance documents for each individual athlete.

  • Effective Communication

    The moment an injury report is filed, caregivers, and anyone who they have given access to the record, will receive an instant notification alerting them of the situation.

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