Best In Class Sports Equipment Management System.

The perfect inventory management system tailored for high school athletics.

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Web and Mobile Based

  • Manage Equipment & Apparel

    No more lost or broken equipment. Get the right equipment to the right athletes.

  • Manage Equipment & Apparel

    No more lost or broken equipment. Get the right equipment to the right athletes.

  • Real Time Roster Sync

    Sync all of your rosters with the click of a button.

Report/Team Management

  • Barcode Scanner Ready

    Utilize 8to18 Equipment’s barcode scanning functionality to keep track of items digitally.

  • Checkin/Checkout Reporting

    Make sure your equipment doesn’t get lost in the checkin or checkout process.

  • Team Size Exports

    Eliminate the paperwork and track equipment size.

Football Features

  • Manage Helmet & Shoulder Pad Inventory

    With high school concussions at an all time high you can keep track of new, used, and refurbished items.

  • Streamline Refurbishment Process

    Get your helmets refurbished and make sure they are in top shape for use.

  • Helmet History Reporting

    Track all of the damage and repairs done to a helmet. Keep your players safe.


Having used Juggul Equipment for over 2 years I will say it is by far the most useful, user friendly software available on the market today. The staff provided us with amazing customer support and used our feedback to create an amazing equipment management solution. I would highly recommend them to any Equipment Manager, AD or Coach regardless of level or organization size.

Eric Howitt - Northwestern University - Former Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment Services

Per School

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  •  Unlimited Teams/Users
  • Real Time Roster Sync
  • User Permission Settings



Per Club*

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  • Simple Set Up
  • Email Support
  • Training

*Discounts for large organizations



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  • Customized for each organization
  • Web Based Reporting
  • 24/7 Support & Training


The perfect sports inventory management system tailored for high school athletics.

Limit Risk and Liability While Ensuring Proper Care For Your Athletes

Concussion management is at the forefront of discussion among sports leaders, parents, and athletes, and the rules and proper protocol are becoming more stringent to keep players safe – it can be difficult to keep up, but it’s critical.
Managing helmet inventory effectively with proper refurbishment and purchase dates is one critical piece of risk management. However, Juggul (formerly 8to18) Online Sports Registration recently became integrated with the innovative Player’s Health platform to offer HIPAA compliant and comprehensive tools to manage return-to-play and enable critical communication between coaches, trainers, physicians, parents, and athletes. With a new 5-step Concussion Protocol built into the management system, coach and administrator liability is greatly reduced as is the risk of mismanaging an injury. Add Juggul/8to18 Health Management to your Juggul Equipment solution.