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10. It’s Easy to Be the Hero

We know change in operations is tough, but this one may be much easier than you think. And the impact on your athletics community is strong, immediate, and impressive. Using an online registration platform is universally applauded (even expected) and easy to implement.

9. Hours/Days Wasted

Paper and data entry creates problems and increases the likelihood of error – and the time spent is burdensome for everyone, especially you and your staff. Paper gets lost, crumpled, sometimes lacks info and needs to be returned – in addition to sending reminders manually, it’s difficult to access important medical info for athletes, run reports, track payments, etc. These disadvantages take staff away from more important tasks and responsibilities.

8. Liability Issues

Take those issues away! Let the registration system generate the reporting, track the payments, provide admins and coaches with quick and necessary access to medical info, enable coaches and administrators to easily communicate with rosters and parents using tools that prevent direct contact with students via safe no-reply text and email alerts.

7. Efficient Communication

Stop using google docs and manually updating parent info! Data entry should be a thing of the past. Email lists are difficult to keep updated and there are bound to be mistakes or information that’s all but impossible to track down. Communication tools in some registration/roster management platforms like 8to18’s allow coaches and admins to contact rosters and parents directly through the platform with the click of a button.

6. Managing Rosters

Deciding who makes the team is work enough. But communicating to each player what team they are on, are they swing players, do they owe a balance on their account, do they have two different numbers, etc adds complexities that lead to error and miscommunication – which leads to frustrated kids and unwanted parent calls…

5. Payment Processing/Collections

NO ONE wants to make calls to parents to collect payment for their child to play a sport. Online registration should enable payment processing, reminders, and alerts that let the system do the work and won’t allow a player to be eligible to play in the system until that payment is collected.

4. It’s…


There’s just no good reason to avoid it anymore. Rigid opinions in your administration? Connect them with an expert directly and let the technology sway them. The second they see how it works, the ease of use, the benefits in time and money saved, and parent, admin, and staff convenience, they’ll get on board. Simply start the dialogue. The benefits will eventually win them over.

3. Now is the best time to go paperless

Get this off your plate! The reality is, there’s never a bad time to do it because it’s easy and the large, long term rewards outweigh any temporary inconveniences.

2. Boost Funding and Branding

Believe it or not, because of the powerful communication tools available through some registration programs like 8to18’s, you can run integrated fundraising and apparel solutions through registration. So parents are in the loop and able to make additional purchase like approved team apparel and can help support fundraising initiatives directly through registration. Registration unlocks powerful additional programs.

1. Leading + Growing Your Department Through Technology

The benefits are too great for ADs everywhere not to make the change from paper registration to using an online tool. It’s inevitable. And not just for registration. Solutions offered by companies like 8to18 offer comprehensive, but easy-to-use software that integrate with athletics registration and roster management tools – all through one vendor for a straightforward low cost.

“There’s never been a better time to be in charge of your company’s technology.”

– Chief Information Officer of the NFL, Michele McKenna-Doyle

The summer season offers an exciting time in high school sports: Competitive athletes travel across the United States, coaches gear up for a busy fall season, and parents look forward to a season of fundraising and summer camps. Before the advancement of technology, however, a busy summer meant you might miss out on sports news and information from your local teams. A write-up on your team’s all-star might slip through the cracks, or a posting of the fall practice schedule could be overlooked.


Sports Registration doesn’t have to be a headache every season.

Watch How To Juggul: Sports Registration for a few quick tips from the Juggul Athletics Team. This is the first of our How to Juggul Video Series. Enjoy and good luck this season!