Athletic Websites Shouldn’t Just Look Good.


Wow your audience with a powerful web publishing platform.

Growing Athletic Brands Since ’87

8to18 empowers athletic directors, coaches, parents, and students with real time information. No need to worry about staying in the loop. This is your one stop shop.


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You are an athletic director not a webmaster. Let us take care of the web-mastering.

Athletics comes first. Let your software do the work not you and your staff members.

One Website for One Program.

Tired of going to dysfunctional free webpages with no functionality? Your parents and students are too. We provide every sport or activity with their own editable webpage.

The Definition of Mobile

Mobility is key and you might not always have time to sit at your desk and update scores or schedules. Do it wherever you want, that is what technology is for.

The Best Human Support. Ever.

We don’t let calls go to voicemail and we don’t give up. Whatever your problem is we will take care of it. The best part…We are a team of humans.

Full content management and publishing capabilities

8to18 websites gives you the ability to stay ahead of the game by allowing you, your admnistration, and coaches to manage and publish web pages. Don’t fall behind and most importantly – Never Drop The Ball Again.

Complicated Schedules. Made Easy.

Rollover your schedules and finalize them with the click of a button. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Hand over the keys to coaches and managers

Coaches and Managers can update and manage individual team pages easily.